Friday, December 28, 2007

Resilience and resistance II

One of the most requested topics we have been asked to provide an organisational change / development guide about has been on how to overcome resistance to change. When I asked what the purpose was behind each of the requests the answer was fairly unambiguous and the same in every case; we are engaging in organisational change and whilst people can see the need for the change for all the other departments in the company they don't see why they need to be included. Resistance to change, it would appear, is the number one concern of those having to manage / lead change and development programmes.

Having given this some thought, and still being a researcher at heart I would like to propose the following research question (which turns the question around):
What has to happen in order (what are the factors that are necessary and sufficient) for people to start to resist change?
I have asked the 900 people in our org change / development community and I will post the results just after New Year.

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