Monday, January 24, 2011

Split test of 360 degree feedback. Not all feedback is equal.

I had the opportunity to test three versions of 360 degree feedback, using four different conditions in the last couple of weeks with some interesting results. The three versions were:
1. An automated online system
2. A pen and paper system, and
3. Interviews with respondents

1. The automated product gets respondents to to fill in a series of 40 questions about the individual to get the feedback and includes free text feedback items as well. The individual then gets an aggregated document with the feedback split into sections. They do not know who submitted what feedback.

2. The pen and paper system was operated in two different conditions.
a. The first where the forms were sent direct to the individual getting the feedback.
b. In the second condition the forms were sent to a third party (the individuals coach).

3. The respondents were interviewed face-to-face or over the phone by the individuals coach.

The respondents were told in all conditions that the feedback was in confidence and that the individual getting the feedback would not know who gave any particular feedback.

The respondents were then interviewed after they had completed the feedback and asked how honest they had been, if they had mediated their feedback in any way and what considerations they made whilst answering the questions.
We then interviewed the individuals to get their view of the feedback they received.

Results tomorrow...


360 degree feedback said...

You are absolutely right. There is no substitution of 360 degree feedback.

360 degree feedback said...

yeah you are right 360 degree feedback is not applied but its works for giving benefits to the employes and rise the rate of development .