Friday, March 07, 2008

Leadership Resilience - the difference that makes the difference

Yesterday Keith Mcfarland on Inc.Com posted an article about the Polaris Motorcycle Company. As a biker (BMW) the article caught my eye. As a developer of leadership and organizational resilience the article was a great example of a leader being brought in with no knowledge of the industry or even motorcycles and turning a brand from being seen as one of the worst makes in the world to being some of the most desirable (I would have one!), innovative and well manufactured bikes ever and all during a shrinking US and global motorcycle sales market.
Keith McFarlands bottom line? Leadership resilience. Read his fascinating and inspiring article entitled 'You think you have it tough? here. Then come back here for more or better still head over to Centre i for more, or download the 2008 brochure and develop some resilience in your organization now.

Oh I will get round to finishing off the Ambiguity, bad showers, and organizational restructuring blog asap!

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