Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Risky business, ambiguity

Risky business asking for an Ambiguity Advantage workshop it would appear.
I thought that you might like this. I have been asked to provide a workshop to help develop a bit more tolerance to Ambiguity in a large organisation in London. I agreed and the job of arranging it fell to the organisational HR department.
I was asked by them to provide:
  • A full rationale for doing the workshop
  • A list of all the outcomes of the workshop
  • A full by the minute breakdown of the programme 'so we know what to expect'.
  • A risk analysis of everything that could go wrong and a statement of what I would do to prevent each item.
  • The total cost and a statement of the value this would bring to the company
  • A list of all the resources used and why each would be used
  • A chapter and verse briefing for the participants including a full breakdown of every exercise so that 'there were no nasty surprises'.
  • A full CV and a statement of expertise
  • Details of indemnity insurance in case 'anything goes wrong'.
  • Details of any first aid / medical qualifications I hold
  • Details of how to evaluate the outcome to 'ensure compliance' after the event.
I could see the conflict on their faces as I pointed out the dichotomy. The answer was that they would have to go and seek higher authority to make a decision. Talk about disempowerment.

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