Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wiki certainty

In any research into ambiguity and all things allied to it you necessarily start to consider the notion of certainty. A great online resource these days is often wikipedia ( with a great many experts contributing to it's ever increasing knowledge base. Clearly you have to be careful about what is written there as anyone can contribute to it, including the less well informed and the prankster, however it can be interesting to visit as long as you verify it's contributions. Considering that the whole endeavor of any encyclopedia is to define concepts and therefore reduce levels of uncertainty about those constructs, wikipedia has an interesting omission. It was somewhat of a surprise therefore, that when I searched for certainty, to be automatically redirected to the probability pages ( The one thing that wiki is trying to provide is missing! I will be fixing this in the next couple of weeks and start the wiki on certainty. At the moment wiki has no certainty, but plenty of probability, uncertainty, ambiguity and chaos.

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